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This footpath where I walk regularly looks deceptively quiet, yet it’s along the Pacific Highway.

Wow, time flies, especially this time of the year.

I’m done with the Christmas shopping and in the back yard we’re done with the pool deck. The weather has heated up sufficiently to start killing my lettuce. I harvested the potatoes and was amazed at how well they did (I didn’t have high hopes when I planted them). I dug up and replanted the ginger, also amazed at how well it grew. I ripped out the cucumbers because they were smothering the hydroponics installation to the point of non-functioning, and now I need to wait for the tomatoes, sweet potatoes and eggplant to grow. Oh, and there are some raspberries on the bush.

Oh yes, writing and books.

Because I have so many books and projects, I always need to stop to think which would be the most efficient use of my time.

Recently, that has been:

The new Ebookaroo auto-generated format

The new Ebookaroo format appears to be working OK-ish. Some people complained of huge images. I think I can contain this problem.

This means I can now copy & paste some spreadsheet cells into another spreadsheet and one-click generate the email without having to upload and fill in all the links individually, which is repetitive and boring and would eventually make me annoyed enough that I’d stop doing the newsletter. I don’t want that.

While the #Bookthreads community on Threads is still really vibrant I want to see if I can revitalise not only who subscribes but also the books I feature. There are a LOT of new writers on Threads who are of a new writer-generation (nothing to do with their age, just about when they started) and none of the current walled-off communities that I’m a member of contains any of these people.

The strategy seems to be working. I’ve just scheduled the newsletters until the end of the year. There are quite a few books in there I’ve never seen before.


Kickstarter is a fairly slow platform that appears to cater to slow readers. Dragon Soup and Whale Mail are two books in the same series for which I did Kickstarters a year apart. I think that might have been too close.

So I’m going to put a few other Kickstarter projects in between Mist & Dawn and the other two books in the series.

One that will give me a lot of satisfaction is an omnibus edition of the Jonathan Bartell books. There are currently five stories. The book will contain six. I’ve had the sixth Jonathan Bartell story half-finished on my computer for months. I want to finish it (shouldn’t take long), format record and illustrate all of the books and do another Kickstarter so people can get an illustrated hardcover.

Also the selfpublishing series could use updating, making it a bit less time-sensitive and I could put it all in a special edition as well.


The two final Starfire Trilogy books are more than half done. I’ll continue to work on them in the background.

As if I didn’t have enough to do already, I wrote a beginning scene for Ambassador 13: The Savage Diplomat. Yup. That will be the title.

Here is what it will be about, roughly:

Negotiator, kingmaker, warmonger, peacebringer, the man known as The Savage Diplomat, Abne Shigoreth, does it all, in a career spanning over thirty years of criminally horrible deals that screw over, starve and kill the hardworking rural communities of Indrahui.

Evi and Telaris, the brothers who have worked as Cory Wilson’s security guards since he started at gamra, were lucky to escape that world, but because their family is still there, that past was always going to catch up with them.

In the form of a ridiculous demand, directed at Cory.

When Cory investigates, he uncovers a morass of criminal deals and threats, to the brothers and their family, to him and his team, indeed to gamra.

Meanwhile Abne Shigoreth enjoys the protection of some of the richest people within the settled worlds, people who will prefer war over admitting the truth.

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