New email service, book progress

Here is a general news post with what I’ve been doing recently.

I was reminded this week by our local newspaper that I took part in a random email email survey where I said that I wasn’t planning on taking part in any Black Friday sales.

Well, guess what?

I bought Topaz Gigapixel, which is awesome photo-enhancing software that does a much better job at sharpening and enlarging images than Photoshop. I need this for my upcoming Kickstarter photo book

And then I decided to upgrade my legacy Mailerlite account to the “new” Mailerlite, which necessitated a cleanup of the the account, but it also meant I needed to rewrite a good number of my automations, even those I could copy, because the legacy emails didn’t have the new features I liked.

(At some point I will write about selecting an email list provider. I revisit this question a few times a year.)

The new account also gives me a full-sized HTML window, and this finally allowed me to create a spreadsheet to generate the Ebookaroo newsletter automatically.

(Want to get great SF/F book deals? Scroll down in the right hand column. You can’t miss the graphic. It has–uhm–a kangaroo)

This led to some CSS code wrangling but I now have a working version, where I only need to copy one column of cells from a spreadsheet into the code box, and no longer need to upload images, copy & paste URLs (and make mistakes) and drag & drop boxes.

And I updated this image that has all my books because the previous version had become outdated:

all my books

After all that, I managed to get Star & Flame to the stage where I can almost see the ending, but now I need to go back to the beginning of Iron & Rock for the final edit because I need to reinforce some things that I want to come back to in the next volume.

All of which goes to say that I am starting to see the end of this project. I’m planning for both books to be featured in a Kickstarter next year. There is a lot of work still to do. I need to finish the books, I need to edit them. I need to do the illustrations. I need to record the audio.

Meanwhile, get book 1 (the illustrated version) here:

Mist & Dawn Special edition ebook

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