While You Were Sleeping – Centennial Park

During my photography project, I went to Centennial Park.

This is a beautiful stretch of green surrounded by suburbs, the Cricket Ground, the former showgrounds, a golf course and Randwick racecourse. People ride horses around the park.

There is no one in the morning before the gates open. You have to park in the street.

The big ponds that are home to hundreds of water birds are tranquil.

The Melaleuca swamp is so quiet that you can keep the lens open for 30 seconds and not have a single blur on the picture.

A line of aptly-named White-eyed Ducks.

Wood Swallows on a ledge by the water.

A colony of cormorants and their young in a tree on an island in one of the ponds in Centennial Park.

Centennial park

These Black Swans were dancing. I’ve never seen them do this before.

There were many of them all over this stretch of grass. I sat on the ground and after moving away, they all came back and ignored me. Black Swans are quite large so getting them to come really close was quite disturbing. But I got some really nice photos.

Centennial park

Beautiful pastel colours reflected in the pond.

Centennial Park

Sleeping ducks on the pond before sunrise.

These photos will be part of the Kickstarter project to make a beautiful book featuring all these images and much more.

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