While You Were Sleeping – Balmoral Beach

Here are some pictures of Balmoral Beach early in the morning, part of my While You Were Sleeping project.

Balmoral is a harbour suburb next to uppity Mosman. The hillsides behind the beach are dotted with massive 10M+ houses that are worth ogling at to see how the other half lives. And also to wonder how on earth they get their cars down or up those driveways.

A feature of the beach is that you can see straight out the heads to the ocean, which makes that the water is quite fresh, but also a bit sheltered.

The lack of wave action at Balmoral Beach makes it popular with families, although parking can be a bit of a nightmare when it’s busy. One also needs to remember to use the handbrake when parking. Nope, the automatic car engine brake is not enough. Those streets are STEEP.

I was there to witness a beautiful sunrise, when there were still very few people on the beach.

These photos will be part of my While You Were Sleeping project.

I have now uploaded this project on Kickstarter and the prelaunch page is active. It will go live in early January.

I’ve wanted to do something with these photos for a long time and am excited about this. For many years, publishing POD with colour books was not an option and the print runs required to make a project like this feasible were just too big.

Be notified when it goes live in January

Balmoral Beach

Be notified when it goes live in January

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