Audiobooks: My love-hate (but mostly hate) relationship with Audible

I love audiobooks and they’re an important part of my catalogue and my writing process.

But in Australia, we’re not allowed to sign up with ACX, which is the author-facing back end of Audible. Some people saw this as an opportunity, and offered to set up and manage ACX accounts on our behalf. This is how I got mine. I’ve used the audition process, which is quite good but mostly I’ve uploaded audio I’ve produced off-site. This part is fine.

But when it comes to paying the authors….

ACX/Audible says you get 40% of the cover price when you’re exclusive. I’m not exclusive, so I get 25%.

Ah yes, they determine the price of your audiobooks, so you get 40/25% of a cover price they determine. BUT if someone uses a credit that they get through their subscription, you get less. Much less. Of course almost everyone uses credits.

So if you listen to a book where the cover price is $25, I get less than $1.

On top of that, people “return” books.

All the frikken time. And if they return a book, I get nothing. If they return a book and I haven’t sold a book yet, I owe them money. Audible made some policy changes where they *say* we still get paid if a book is returned more than 7 days after the purchase, but I have proof that’s not actually happening.


ACX promised, years ago, that other countries would get access. Hasn’t happened. Doesn’t look like it will happen. I’m afraid my books will become orphaned when the people I use to manage the account can no longer provide that service.

I’m out of spoons to deal with Audible’s bullshit.

I won’t be listing my new books there.

The books that I have there exclusively will be removed once the contract is up. I will probably re-record them.

You can get my books on my website, where the books are DRM-free. If you like subscriptions, you can use Kobo Plus, Scribd or your local library through the Libby app or whatever they use.

So here is the deal: audiobooks on my site are $9.99. You can listen to them online at Bookfunnel, or use the Bookfunnel app to stream or download and listen off-line. There is no DRM. $9.99 is the price of a monthly subscription at Audible, for which you get one credit. BUT if you use code WEBSITE30, you get 30% off all books except the most recent ones and ones already discounted. You pay $6.99 (cheaper than Audible) and I get most of it, instead of you paying $9.99 and me getting 90 cents and Audible getting everything in between.

My audio books

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