While You Were Sleeping – Balls Head

Balls Head is on the northern side of Sydney Harbour at the site of an old quarry and brick pit.

I took the photos in this post a number of years ago, and they will be included in the project While You Were Sleeping.

While You Were Sleeping will be a photography book of the best images I took over the years that my husband worked in Canberra (he still does, but these days everything in IT is off-site and WFH), and I used to drop him at Central at 6am every Monday morning.

I used to take my camera and find a nice place to take pictures of the sunrise.

In January, I’m going to do a Kickstarter for this project I’ve long wanted to do something with. I’ve had several stabs at it. But I didn’t want to go back to using InDesign. I am still traumatised from the last time I used that LOL. Well, I’m only joking a bit, because it has a very steep learning curve and I haven’t used it for years.

The furthest I got probably was with the photo book site Blurb, but I still found the template too limiting, and then Blurb changed the formatting template and I lost all the work I’d done. But that was OK, because I wasn’t happy with it anyway.

We were limited to the crappy paper and colour print that Ingram Spark and Amazon KDP do, which is wholly inadequate for photo books, but now we have Book Vault, and they do proper coated 150 gsqm paper.

In January this year, I did Fantabulous Hounds, which is also a photo book. I formatted the whole book in Photoshop. And I can do that again!

So enter the Kickstarter. It will be fairly simple, with three or four tiers at the most, but I want to show off the best photos, because I’ll prepare some posters and stuff for add-ons, and people need to see the images in order to order the add-ons.

I intend to post a bunch of these images here so people can see them. They used to be posted on my old blog, so this is a new home for them. I’m going to be fairly lazy and upload them in alphabetical order.

The first lot is from Balls Head, which is on the north side of the harbour, close to Waverton Station. This is an excellent place to watch the NYE fireworks for free.

You will notice that I use one of these images as my header for Bluesky and the bird site.

Balls Head

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