Books and projects I’m working on #1

It occurred to me that I have a ridiculously long pipeline these days, and there is a bunch of stuff in it. Some of it is obvious (I published book 1 of the Starfire Trilogy, of-frikken-course I’m writing book 2–in fact, it’s almost done). So I might talk a bit about stuff I’m planning. A caveat: I first started talking about the Starfire Trilogy in 2017. So some things might take “a while” to come to completion. But on the other hand, I’m stubborn and I do complete things, eventually.

So here goes:

  • Starfire Trilogy: Iron & Rock and Star & Flame. Iron & Rock will be done by the end of the year and I’ll have started on Star & Flame. I plan to do another Kickstarter for these, but I’ll do them together so that people can get the whole series, or just book 1 if they’re new to it. Doing the illustrations and recording the audio is going to make this one slower. For one: I DO NOT record audio in summer. Too frikken hot in the booth.
  • Bureau of Magic Abuse: The next volume will be called Fairy Bread and it’s about industrial relations for fairies, who make the bread, or–sometimes–might end up on the ingredient list. The Kickstarter for Whale Mail is completed and I’m mastering the audio. This is a lot of fun (NOT! Needs to be interspersed with as much internet goofing as possible)
  • New projects: I started writing a few completely new things. The furthest along is an adventure Scifi called Expendable Heroes. It started because I asked ChatGPT for some sample plots for adventure stories, I looked at them and thought: *That’s* not a cool plot, *this* is a cool plot. So I guess you could call this AI-inspired, but 100% in the negative. I looked at the AI stuff and went like that’s garbage, I can do much better. This story has been a lot of fun (still is fun, but I’m coming to the pointy end). What will I do with it? I’m thinking to put it up on Patreon and then on Google Play for 99c, if my winning streak at that platform continues.

    Witch cozy: In the same vein, I also have a witch cozy mystery I want to write.

  • Kickstarter: I’m doing a photo book of images I took of pre-dawn locations around Sydney. This will be part of their Make 100 project (there will be 100+ photos). This will be printed on coated paper and published in hardcover.

    Selfpublishing Unboxed: I’m also thinking about doing an updated version of my Selfpublishing Unboxed series. I updated the first two books in 2019, but a lot has changed since then that I could add. I want to change the cover and title, and publish the whole book in print. All this will require some work, and re-recording all the audio, so this will take time.

    Space agent Jonathan Bartell: when I finish the 6th novella, I want to do an omnibus with some pretty illustrations on Kickstarter.

  • Ambassador series: thinking about the next book. That’s all I’m saying about it.

So that’s what I’m planning. There will be questions, too. Will I add zoom consulting to the selfpublishing Kickstarter? Will I go back to visiting cons? I don’t like people, people don’t like me, and I try to avoid air travel. But if travel needs to happen anyway, I could combine it with writing cons, right?

Many questions.

Post image: I’m doing something else, making Christmas presents for family and I’m contemplating putting these greyhounds on a mug. The image seemed apt for this post. I’m running to do so many things.

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