The old house in the forest

When you ask MidJourney for an old house, it usually gives you a medieval house in the southern German style like the one above. Sometimes it will be ruined and creepy. It’s a nice image but also it gets a little boring after you’ve seen a lot of them.

So I wanted to spice things up a bit.

“Old house in the forest” was part of the prompts for all the images in this post. Note that I first generated them square, and then resized them to Facebook proportions because I like some empty space around the subject of the image.

Right, next:

To get out of that same-old-same-old rut, someone much smarter than me figured to add parameters for algorithm optimisation for machine learning. You can google them and get a long list with weird names like “Particle Swarm Optimization” and “Ant Colony” and “Gradient Descent”.

You can add these to your prompt, but better still, add them as weighted prompt so you can find the point where your boring old house starts becoming weird and then, if you keep upping the weight, it will end up going completely off the rails. At that point where something weird starts to happen, that is where you get interesting and unique images.

I’ve added an example of what the prompt looks like at the end.

Here is the prompt. You can vary the weights (the figures after the double colons) up and down and see what happens. You can swap out the algorithm types. Simply google “algorithm optimization for machine learning”.

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