Shiny new webstore

A few people have already noticed, but I have a shiny new webstore. I’ve completely redesigned my webstore.

This has been a while in the making. The previous setup didn’t really suit a catalogue with a lot of books. And as you already know, I have a lot of books.

Also, I’ve finally solved the print book issue, so now I can go full steam ahead on it.

Why should you buy from authors direct?

First off, you don’t have to. My books are available on all retailers so if you’d rather have it in your retailer app, then that’s perfectly fine.

But if you do decide to give it a go, downloading ebooks and audio through Bookfunnel is easy. They have a beautiful app that will hold your library that you can use to read and listen. All my books are non-DRM, portable between devices and you can also download them for off-line access. I know how important that last one is for people who like to listen to audio while walking in areas where 4G coverage is poor. There is an area like that where I walk every day. It’s a national park but it’s in the middle of the city. I can only imagine what country areas are like.

Print books are now mostly shipped through Book Vault. They make beautiful books for a really decent price. I’ve not quite finished loading up all my books. This is a long process.

I offer special editions on my website that are not available anywhere else. These may be illustrated editions or more recent editions. Updating books is a fraught issue, because the author may update the book, but this doesn’t always mean the retailer sells the most recent file. You will always get the most recent version from my website.

Why would I need to update the book?

Updates are not that relevant for fiction, although I do update the back matter a lot, so that each book always has the most recent list of my publications, and I also add things like maps and illustrations. But for non-fiction, it matters a lot. This is relevant for my selfpublishing books, the Unboxed series.

Anyway, there is a lot to be discovered on my new store, and hopefully, the new design will make it easier to find the books you like.

Check it out

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