Grand Canyon walk Blue Mountains

In the vein of giving my photos a better and more searchable home than Instagram, I’m republishing these photos I took at the Grand Canyon walking track out of Blackheath in the Blue Mountains in June.

This is a well-developed and well-maintained track that’s very popular with tourists and locals alike.

The track goes right into the depth of the gorge to the little streams that run at the very bottom. It’s cool and humid down there, with lots of temperate rainforest with tree ferns and whipbirds that live in those green thickets.

Since it involves a lot of stair-climbing you will need to be reasonably fit. Otherwise, the track is very nicely maintained, there are sandstone stepping stones across the streams (kudos to the poor stonemason getting them down there!). But this is not an easy stroll, so wear appropriate shoes.

Once you have completed the track, I can recommend a high tea at the Hydro Majestic where you can sit in front of the window and admire the view.

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