Cacti and Succulents

Here is a collection of photos of my cacti and succulents.

I love these weird plants, and have grown them since I started with a cactus (it had hooked spines that you could get caught on) on the windowsill on my bedroom when I was little.

I especially have a soft spot for Lithops, even if they are finicky to keep alive. They tend to shrivel, when your instinct tells you to water them, but when you see this, you should stop watering them.

I have three of them now, and one has flowered, multiplied, almost died and I’ve resurrected it so it’s doing OK again.

I hope to have cracked the secret of keeping these plants alive.

When watering them, flood the soil. Stand the pot in a bowl of water until it’s completely wet. Let it drain and put it back in its usual spot and then ignore it for a month. Do not water it at all over winter.

Strangely enough I also find that in the Australian sun, they don’t enjoy direct sunlight. I have them (indoors, because there is too much rain outside) on the bottom shelf of a table that stands in front of a north-facing window (note: Austria, so north is the sunny side). They get no direct sunlight all day.

The other cacti and succulents grow outside, either on the veranda or in the shadehouse. In Sydney, the main danger to them is when the weather is very wet. At those times you have to move them to a place where they don’t receive rain all the time.

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