The big day has arrived!

Dragon Soup goes live on retailers today and I’ve just started the kickstarter campaign for Whale Mail, a follow-up novel in the same world of the Bureau of Magic Abuse.

This is cozy fantasy.

I’m probably showing my age now, but there used to be this very British show Heartbeat. It was about cops in a small town in northern England, you know, with farms and sheep and dry stone walls. The mystery in each episode usually involved some illegal action, rarely violent. The perpetrators were often hapless people who stumbled into something accidentally, or who were always a bit on the shady side. They were real characters, like Claude, the shonky dealer.

This is the kind of tone I’ve followed with these books. It’s like Heartbeat, but with magic and dragons. It’s not specifically for kids, but also doesn’t have any on-screen inappropriate material. Sexual references, there are quite a few, like jokes and inferences. No on-screen action of any sort. Also some poo jokes. Corruption, there is a lot of that as well. Bureaucracy to the point of silliness? That, too.

This world doesn’t take itself seriously. The books are fun to write and fun to read. No deep thinking necessary.

The Kickstarter offers the usual ebook, audio, paperback and hardcover. The print versions will be special illustrated editions that won’t be available elsewhere except Kickstarter and then my store.

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