If someone contacts you…

Here is a PSA:

If someone contacts you about something they offer that you have to pay for, it’s almost never anything that’s worth your money (if not worse).

OMG, the spammers on Kickstarter have gotten so bad. Within five minutes of launching the Kickstarter, I’d received eight spam requests and they just keep on coming like a bottomless shit-volcano of spam.

If you’re planning a Kickstarter, be prepared for this. It keeps getting worse.

They usually start off with some sort of compliment about how good your campaign is to butter you up. Really? After not even a minute after launching, methinks they’ve not even looked at it.

Yet there must be people who fall for this.

Which brings me to another variety: those who pledge an insane amount of money for no reward that puts you over the line of having your project funded, and then blackmail you that they will withdraw their funding if you don’t pay up.

If you get a pledge for $1500 for “no reward”, cancel it immediately and notify Kickstarter.

Don’t engage with any of them. Don’t ask them questions, don’t reply.

These people are NOT worth your money. They’re not worth clogging up Facebook groups about “I received this offer for…”


Someone who contacts you out of the blue to sell something is never worth your time. Not for Kickstarters, not for publishing, not for fixing your roof either.

Anyway, the Kickstarter is funded so the book is definitely happening. Here is your chance to get the illustrated version.

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