A weird issue

I’ve spent the past few days trying to sort a weird and nettly issue with my website for people who order print.

Hint #1: very very few people buy in print anymore, so it’s rare, inconsistent and hard to diagnose. It seems to apply primarily to US addresses so it’s very hard for me to test it.

I’ve made a coupon TEST25 available to get 25% off copies of the first Ambassador book, Watcher’s Web, Seven Days To Save The World and The Far Horizon (links below). This is pretty close to the cost of the book.

This is a really annoying issue and while it seems to work for some people I need some people to go through the process to make sure it works for everyone.

I’ve also started recording the audio of Whale Mail.

I’m annoyed with how much plane traffic we get over our house. We don’t live very close to the airport, but we live under the busiest flight path.

Ambassador 1 paperback Watcher’s Web paperback The Far Horizon paperback Seven Days To Save The World paperback

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