Let’s just call it done

For the past few hours I’ve been staring at the last few chapters I’ve penciled in for Iron & Rock, realising that it’s a mess (nothing unusual) and now that I know what position I want the characters to be in for the next book, I need to go back to the beginning and reinforce those things, so that I can be more effective writing the ending of this section.

That’s a very long way of saying that I think this draft is done.

I very rarely write the ending to a book until the very last pass.

In this second, transitional, book, the characters need to learn a lot of stuff (tick), they need to witness some stuff (tick) and need to get themselves in the beginnings of a position to do something about it. The doing something about it part happens in book 3, but the setup , like the chess pieces, all need to be planned beforehand.

So after the next pass I will probably start on book 3 and those two books will be the subject of a Kickstarter next year.

Meanwhile, I’ve put up the special edition of Mist & Dawn on my website. This illustrated version won’t be sold at any of the retailers (file size issues).

Mist & Dawn Special edition

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