Starfire Trilogy progress

Kickstarter processed the pledges woohoo so today I’m sending out Kickstarter rewards. This is a bit of a process and will take me a few days, but if you’re a backer, look out for the DMs in the Kickstarter system.

I’m doing the pledges one by one in the order in which they appear in my Kickstarter table, and this *isn’t* by pledge order, or alphabetically, or by pledge amount. In fact, it seems totally random, so whatever position you’re in, the pledge will come up and you’ll get your stuff.

Meanwhile, I’m making good progress at a few other things: The Iron & Rock sequel to Mist & Dawn. I’ve realised I’m over the hump and am looking at tying up the things I want tied up in this volume, and also moving some stuff to the final volume because I don’t have the space to deal with it in this volume.

I’ve decided that I will do a Kickstarter next year that will include both volumes of the rest of the trilogy. That seems the easiest way to deal with it.

Meanwhile you can still get the add-ons here:

Kickstarter specials

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