A timely reminder

Yesterday, my Instagram shop just stopped working. All my books, that I’d been able to tag and link just became “unavailable”. I don’t know how to fix it. Facebook (or Meta, the owner of Instagram) has NO customer service. Like none at all. With the US’ general obsession with bending over backwards to obnoxious demanding customers, I have no idea how this exists in the world. I have a problem. There is literally nowhere for me to fix it.

Aaaanyway, this, together with the Twitter debacle, should serve as reminder that we’re all on rented real estate on these apps. Yes, use them, but remember that the rug can be pulled out from under you without notice. That you will have zero recourse, and that all your contacts belong to the app, not you.

Beware especially of apps that don’t allow the posting of off-site links, like Instagram, like TikTok. Join the apps, but don’t rely on them.

Meanwhile, here is an obligatory picture of my new flute.

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