Thank you all!

The Kickstarter for Mist & Dawn is done, the books are formatted and uploaded everywhere. Hardcover, paperback, ebook and audio, all DONE! They will be off to backers as soon as Kickstarter has processed the pledges.

The book will go up on my website a bit later. It won’t be available on the retailers as special edition, and I won’t put up the plain version until I can also put up a preorder for book 2.

This is the same with Dragon Soup. I’ll put up a Kickstarter for a second book in the next month or two, and then I’ll put up both books (plain versions only) on retailers when I know what date I can release the preorder for book 2. This will be called Whale Mail. More about that later.

But you can still get the Kickstarter add-ons on my store via the page below. Or in case of Dragon Soup, you can also get that through the Ko-fi button on this page.

See them here

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