Social media muddle

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I’ve adored Twitter since I’ve been on it, a time span that must be approaching ten years now. I know you can look this up but I have to write and can’t be bothered to do that right now.

However, ever since that despicable man bought it, things have been downhill. I’ve circumvented most of it by using the version of Tweetdeck online. No ads, no inane “For You” feed, and none of the other garbage either. I’ve gritted my teeth at the revoking of the Twitter API, which basically means that you can’t crosspost anymore. Even right now, I’m looking at a notification to the right of my screen that says “Twitter is no longer supported”.

But Facebook did this as well. A number of years ago, Facebook revoked the API for people to be able to post via Twitter. As a result, I never posted anything on my private Facebook account for years.

It seems to be a trend that rich owners with small dicks appear to restrict cross-functionality that made it so easy to use this stuff for announcements etc. But no, the small dicks think themselves so important that users have to specifically come to *their* platform and post unique content.

Guess what, sunshine?

We all went to Tiktok.

Which is owned by the Chinese.


(see how many fucks I give about that. The Chinese are welcome to puzzle over my stupid videos)

Tweetdeck still worked.

However, on the weekend the muskrat failed to pay his Google Cloud bill or something and started to “rate limit” users, meaning you couldn’t see tweets anymore once you hit a certain level. I like to follow the news on Twitter, so this obviously is “very helpful”. Hear that dripping? That’d be the sarcasm.

Then Tweetdeck broke, and then on Monday it came back and announced that hooo joy, in 30 days’ time, we’ll have to pay for the fucking privilege to “be the content”. Yeah like fuck that will ever happen.

So, I’m still on Tweetdeck. With the small-dick-man’s record of walking back statements, I rate the chance that it will become paid about 50-50. But if it does go paid, I’M DONE.

But I mean, the stupid of it. Why pay 44 BILLION for something and then kill everything that’s good about it (news, crossposting, posting out links to other sites) and run it into the ground?

My offer to buy Twitter for $44 still stands. I could be made to increase my bid to $440.

Anyway, kidding aside, I scored an invite to Bluesky, so if you’re there, I’m there. I also downloaded Threads, so I’m there, too. I’m on Mastodon, but I actively hate the platform, so you might find my account, but I’m not doing anything with it. Otherwise Facebook. I’m most active on my author page. Just search my name. It’s the one with the angled photo of my face, not where I’m wearing the Pikachu onesie. And I post on my ko-fi blog, which you’ll find by clicking the floating button on this page.

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