Mist & Dawn Kickstarter now live

Mist & Dawn is the first book in the Starfire Trilogy which is, as the name suggests, a new series in the icefire world.

In this series the world is yet again rocked by momentous events that threaten the inhabitants and shake their understanding of the world.

The special edition will include a two-page illustration for each chapter, custom chapter headings, a map and possibly also character images, if we reach the next stretch goal. This is where you guys come in!

But, for this Kickstarter, I’ve not just created illustrations for this new book, but I’ve re-done the previous six as well. You can order all six books in the icefire world in hardcover, all of which include ten colour pages with a map and illustrations. These books will not ever be available on the retailers in this form (for the simple reason that the printers I use for those versions don’t support colour pages).

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Below are some images I’ve used as inspiration for the new book.

The queen’s coronation.

Nari’s house in the hinterland.

Ravi’s discovery.

The young king Selinor.

A streetview in Tiverius.

The uprising of citizens in Watya.

The bridge across the Aramys River in Watya.

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