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Dragon Soup is a new project, a cosy fantasy mystery that’s light-hearted and fun.

When Perrin was so desperate that he applied for a job as magic inspector for the Bureau of Magic Abuse, there were two things he hadn’t realised. One, that he might actually get the job, and two, that it involved working with magic sniffers.

And to be honest, both these things come as a shock to him.

A fallen “kept man” expelled from an aristocratic family through the sad death of his partner, he doesn’t view himself as employee of the month material. He has no skills… well, beyond chatting up the well-to-do and organising their affairs behind the scenes.

And he’s never looked after any kind of creature, and certainly not anything like the highly-prized magic sniffers, which he releases into the kitchens of inns to detect the use of illegal magic.

Magic sniffers are expensive and his supervisor never ceases to tell him off for not looking after them well enough. They’re fussy eaters. He needs to clean and bathe them, and they’re likely to reward him with the application of their teeth to his thumb.

He’s lucky to have landed the job, but his luck might well run out when they find out how much of a fraud he is. Or when they get sick of his probing questions, and of his investigations into things that his supervisor tells him are not his job to investigate.

But being quiet and rolling over has never been his style.

Rules about the job make no sense. There is corruption left, right and centre.

Magic Inspectors look for magic, but they’re not supposed to find any. At least not when it’s in possession of the town’s well-off citizens and especially not any candidates for the upcoming election for mayor.

But clearly, someone forgot to give Perrin the memo, and he probably wouldn’t have stuck to it anyway. Because he is that kind of person.

He has nothing left to lose.

And the citizens have clearly forgotten that the rules have a strong reason: magic is dangerous.
Dragon Soup is a whimsical cosy fantasy mystery. There is no swearing or violence.

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