When and why to go wide (The Happy Writer 14)

When and why to go wide

When and why to go wide? The Happy Writer episode 14.

The Happy Writer goes into going wide, distributing your books to all channels. If you’ve always been exclusive to Amazon, this involves new tactics. You will find that many of your tried and tested methods don’t work anymore, or they work less efficiently.

Writers whose books are wide will often have their own tactics to get sales and publicity. These are frequently more laid-back and less expensive than ads directed at Amazon. Many wide writers don’t advertise much at all.

But building up the kind of visibility where you get sales on other stores without doing much will take time. Can you afford it? Are you prepared for what needs to be done?

What are your reasons for wanting to go wide? Are you doing it for the right reasons? What do you hope to achieve?

Those are some of the questions we consider in this episode. Every writer has to decide for themselves what their best path is. There is no right and wrong in this career.

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