Getting Started with Websites (The Happy Writer 13)

Getting started with Websites

Getting started with websites The Happy Writer episode 13

In this episode of The Happy Writer, we look at author websites. When do you need one, what needs to be on it, where should you get one, how much should you spend, and what is the main function of your website.

We go into considerations for when you set up a website, and ways to ease into the process so that it’s as easy as possible. Getting a website shouldn’t stress out anyone. Nor should it break the bank. We look at the difference between free and self-hosted sites. I talk about getting your own domain, and why this is something you may want to do early in your career.

We talk about the important functions your website can fulfil that no one sees and are not displayed on the site in any way. About integration with your newsletter and special services to your fans hosted on your website.

We talk about when to invest in a website and how to decide what needs to be on it.

Getting started with websites is a primer on all website-related questions.

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