Selling Books From Your Website (The Happy Writer 11)

Selling From Your Website

Selling Books From Your Website The Happy Writer episode 11

This episode of The Happy Writer talks about selling books from your website: why and how to do it.

As selling books becomes more competitive and retail venues increasingly become pay to play, it becomes important to siphon your most loyal readers off to a place where you can control what messages go out to them.

Marketing people remind us constantly that it’s much easier to market to people who have bought before than it is to find new customers. Yet as authors most of the marketing we do is geared to wards finding new readers.

This is by necessity, because the major retailers won’t share information on who bought your books, and they may not send out notices for readers to buy the next book.

Imagine if you could send people reminders about the next book or series each time they’ve bought a particular title. You could give them a discount for individual books or you could create whole-series bundles only to be sold from your website.

You’ll find this and more information in this episode. Listen on Bookfunnel or Youtube.

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