How To Package Your Book (The Happy Writer 9)

How To Package Your Book

How To Package Your Book The Happy Writer episode 9

In this episode, The Happy Writer looks at how to package your book.

When talking about book packaging, most people consider only the cover, blurb and Look Inside, but the title also plays a huge role.

The title will appear on your website and in searches on retailers. It can be hugely advantageous to have a title that reflects the genre.

The cover needs to do two things: attract the casual observer and reflect the genre. The latter is hugely important. We discuss how spending more money on the cover can be beneficial if a previous cover wasn’t good, but it’s much more important that your cover reflects the genre than that it is a work of art.

We also discuss the concept of the book and how having a strong concept can sell books. Concept is talked about a lot in the movie industry but you don’t hear those discussions in fiction a lot. Much more in traditional publishing than self-publishing. A lot of fiction doesn’t have a strong concept that can be explained in a few words. Readers love losing themselves in long series that follow characters. How can you get around not having a strong concept?

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