Project Charon 4 snippet

Project Charon 3 is all loaded and ready to go. I’m writing book 4. I haven’t done a snippet for a while, so here is one.

Then she asked Rex whether he had spoken to Lisette.

“Lisette? You mean the chick from the _Manila_?”

“Rex, I don’t know what sort of people you’ve been hanging out with, but if you use that word again to describe a woman, I will quit treating you like an adult faster than you can say _travel permit_.”

He took a while to digest that. She could almost hear the gears in his head turn.

Tina continued, “Yes, Lisette from the _Manila_. She says she came to warn you about hacking into military systems. No news really, but it makes me curious what sort of stuff you’ve been getting into.”

“Nothing, really. It’s Jens doing it.”

“Yes, it’s always Jens’ fault. But did you see Lisette?”

“No. We saw no one. We did get some strange messages that she may have sent.”

“Send them to me.”

“If I can. Two already self-destructed. Jens has been trying to resurrect them.”

“Don’t. This is military stuff you’re dealing with.”

“The stuff we got was not military. No way.”

“Rex. What has been going on?” A cold feeling crept over her.

“Nothing really. I thought we could be useful and found some databases with records from lots of people, and we found a match for the guy you photographed inside the station. That’s all.”

“_That’s all_? You hacked into military and civilian personnel databases and ran image comparison routines on their personnel files? That’s all?”

“Jens did it all.”

“I. Don’t. Care. Stop doing that. We have more than enough trouble already.”

“Don’t you want to hear about what we found?”

Tina blew out a breath. “Tell me once and then stop doing this kind of stuff. I’m serious.”

“It’s interesting. The guy works for a secret division in the Federacy Force and it seems that Rasa’s brother also works there.”

“The Federacy?”

“Yes. It’s called the Pegasus Agency or something.”


Holy shit.

“And you broke into their database?”

“Jens did it.”

“You can’t keep blaming Jens.”

“But he did do it. He’s really good.”

Evidently. “Was there anything else you got?”

“Mum! You just told me—“

“Was there anything else you got? Because the Pegasus Agency was where we worked. Me more than your father. I was an agent for them for years—“

She stopped, because Jette had come to the doorway.

“Tina, are you ready? Olympus Pharmaceuticals has let us know that our transport is on its way.”

“Look, Rex. I have to go. Please promise me that you will do nothing. You _or_ Jens. No poking around in databases, military or civilian. Take my card and go to the game centre.”

“Those games are for kids.”

“Then go and help Yalinda. I’m sure she’d appreciate it. Stay off the computers. Please.”

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