Ambassador character: Ynggi

Ynggi is a recent addition to Cory’s household. He is Pengali, one of the oldest types of humans. Pengali are nocturnal, have large eyes, patterned skin and a tail. You can tell by the patterns and the colour what tribe Pengali belong to. Ynggi is a member of the Thousand Islands tribe, which it not the native tribe of the Barresh delta, but lives on the coast to the south.

We first meet Ynggi when he comes with his tribe elder Abri, who needs to testify in a court on Earth in book 6. Ynggi then stays on with Cory’s team and is later joined by Jaki, who is employed as teacher and male nanny for the ever-growing number of children in the house. They also bring their own children, although parenthood in the Pengali is a whole-tribe thing, and no one cares who are the biological parents of the children.

Like all Pengali, Ynggi’s life revolves around fish and fishing.

Ambassador 11 comes out this month. Ynggi features prominently in this book, because he and Jaki and two Pengali kids come on the trip. Ynggi learns to hunt jackrabbits and has some trouble with the concept of a dog. Pengali don’t own pets and they think owning animals is distasteful.

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