Should I sell audiobooks (The Happy Writer 2)

Should I sell audiobooks

Should I sell audiobooks? The Happy Writer episode 2

The Happy Writer looks at the pros and cons of audiobooks for the selfpublished writer for those who haven’t yet gone down this path.

They’re expensive to produce, the royalty percentage is much smaller than for other formats, but in many circumstances, it can be advantageous to offer audio books in addition to other formats.

The oft-repeated advice as to whether or not you should get into audio is that if the ebook doesn’t sell, the audiobook won’t, either.

But it’s not quite so simple. This episode of The Happy Writer: Should I Sell Audiobooks goes over the considerations.

Audio has a high startup cost, but also quite a high level of inertia. In short: the more audio you have, the easier it is to sell. But the cost… and can be quite a bit of work.

I’m not a writer with a huge income and money available to throw around and many of my books probably don’t meet the “if the ebook sells well… ” criteria. Still I’m making audio work for me to the point where it is now 25% of my income.

This and the following two episodes contain my thoughts and experiences with audio.

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