Project Charon 1 now out!

Project Charon

Project Charon 1 is out today.

I published this originally under a pen name, but I honestly don’t have the time for pen names, so I re-issued it under my name and it’s now out everywhere, on all retailers, in print and audio.

Project Charon is the story of Tina Freeman, an ex-researcher from Project Charon, a space station next to a rift in the fabric of the universe. Particles of dust come out of the rift and change human behaviour in a way that looks like a disease.

Tina hasn’t worked for the project for a long time. She resigned over the cavalier attitude of project employees towards selling the particle material onto third parties.

Basically, it has escaped. It’s bad. Armies of mutant people are threatening all of settled space.

When Tina resigned, she left some important data locked in a document box at a space station… and it sat there, untouched, for fifteen years.

No one cares. The bureaucracy blunders on, following protocol off a cliff.

Tina will have to do something herself.

But she has a shop, a disabled 15yo son, no other relatives except her missing daughter and ex-husband whose backstabbing actions were why she left the project in the first place. She’s not keen to run into him.

She has one asset, also long-forgotten: a space ship, that has sat in dock at a space station for many years. Will it even still fly?

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