Meet a character

Meet Celia Braddock, who will be an important character in Ambassador 11.

She is the president of Atlantia, the future part of the US that today contains New York. In the Ambassador world in 2123, the US will have been divided in four countries.

The four American countries are constantly snapping at each other, and she has the unofficial task of presenting a somewhat united face to Nations of Earth, which the other three countries won’t even deal with directly.

Celia is in her fifties, never married, but she lives in a large apartment with a number of Afghan dogs, and politics is her entire life. She comes from a family that incorporates a range of cultural backgrounds: eastern European, Asian.

She is brash, intelligent, stubborn, opinionated and doesn’t think much of Nations of Earth, of their plan to join gamra or of any of their representatives. She’s been hardened by several attacks on her life since she’s been in office.

She’s a wildcard when she enters the story. How powerful is she? What does she know? What is her relationship with the Pretoria Cartel? And how can Cory get her to cooperate? Or, for that matter, to believe what he has found out?

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