I’m astonished

I put the next Ambassador book, The Forgotten War on preorder for 24 May 2021 so that I could have a link to put in the back of book 10, and I’ve just passed 100 preorders on Amazon. For a book to be published NEXT YEAR! I’m astonished.

OK so I’ve started the first chapter today, completely draining the battery on my phone when dictating during my walk.

We’re in LA, at Disney. I think the park will have fallen into different corporate hands (makes sense, more than 100 years into the future) and the names will be different, but you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I need to name a character that I’ve just sent the first email about and several more emails will follow, depending on what newsletter group you’re in.

There are going to be scenes further inland as well, investigations masked as tourist trips. A scenic flight.

Cory’s party will be quite big and will include a number of kids, including Thayu’s son and a boy in a super wheelchair, as well as Pengali kids.

One thing is clear to me: this is a huge story so the book will end with the characters fleeing to relative safety, but the conflict will just have gotten massively worse. So there will be a book 12. It will be called The Unfolding Army. I better start doing something about the cover.

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