Ambassador 10 on preorder

Ambassador 10 on preorder

Hey, peeps, for all those following the series, I’ve put Ambassador 10 on preorder.

It will be available in June next year. I know it’s long time, but you can set and forget it.

As you can see from the image, Ambassador 10 goes back into the rainforest. It will deal with lots of Pengali issues, not the least of which a threat of all-out war between the tribes.

It’s frustrating for Cory and the team because they’re used to dealing with people who use lots of modern communication and have societies they understand.

The Pengali are impenetrable, even if Cory has Ynggi living in his household. He still has no access to what’s going on in town because Ynngi is from the wrong tribe! He disappears to go fishing most nights. Pengali are nocturnal. Tribes act like a single entity. What belongs to the tribe belongs to everybody. This includes land, information and even children.

So there is unrest somewhere in this strange population, but getting to the bottom of what’s causing it is nearly impossible.

And what Cory and his team discover is like… wow. They totally hadn’t seen that coming.

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