Why I’ve turned off commenting… again

getting sick of spam

There we are, I’ve turned off commenting for the second time, only a month after I re-enabled it. From now on, this will be a news site.

I’m getting sick of comment spam. I’m also getting sick of contact form spam, so I’ve turned that off, too.

You’re still free to contact me, and you can do that via the link to Facebook at the bottom of this post. You can also subscribe to my mailing list and simply reply to a message.

Yeah I know there are plugins and yada yada, but last time I installed the comment spam plugin, it broke my site. The plugins are really good at stopping bots (but guess what, so am I), but it’s the human spam that gets me.

I’m sick of the disgusting schlemiels who pay other poor schlemiels 50c a day to enter crap into comment fields in the hope I inadvertently approve the comment (or have auto-approve turned on–really, I’m not that stupid).

I’ve blocked entire countries, and still it keeps coming. They try to get into my files, they try to log in with false usernames. They try to trick me into putting links on this site. They beg for free stuff, while making it clear that they’ve never read any of my books.

You know why no one robs banks anymore? Because it’s much easier to scam a living on the internet. The underbelly of this thing is huge and disgusting. I love the internet but yeah, this is revolting.

So now you schlemiels can stick your weird messages about SEO, marketing, real estate, Russian girls, enhancements for body part I don’t have and just plain weird messages in languages I can’t read right up your you-know-whatsit.

Done. Fuck off (excuse my French).

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