Ambassador series map of the Barresh delta

Here is a map of the Barresh delta, where much of the Ambassador series is set.

Map of the Barresh delta

The first thing to notice is that it’s upside down. The south is towards the top of the picture.

The city itself is situated on a number of interconnected islands inside the delta.

Book 10 of the series will look at the Pengali tribes that live around the city. The city of Barresh is inside the tribal territory of the Washing Stones tribe.

Ynggi, who lives in Cory’s house, is from the Thousand Islands tribe, and the next book will deal with the Misty Forest tribe. The tribes are quite hostile to each other.

The orange dots on the map indicate the location of each tribe’s main settlement.

If you want a detailed description of the Washing Stones tribe giant tree house, you can find it in Watcher’s Web. It’s set 100 years earlier, but never mind, not terribly much changes in the Pengali world.

Apart from the delta, the main feature of the coastline is the enormous cliff face that runs along the coast. Of course this feature is hard to show on this map of the Barresh delta.

Once you’re on top of this cliff, there is a broad area of dense misty rainforest before you come to the Miran agricultural region of Bendara. You can read a little bit about that in The Alabaster Army.

If you want to know more about the Ambassador series, you can read more here. Book 1 is free on all retailers right now.

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  1. Lovely map, thank you for posting. And also fantastic ro realise that there are three more Ambassador books that I had somehow missed finding out about. Now I have something fun to read!

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