Ambassador 1 is free

Ambassador 1 is free

Ambassador 1 is free right now.

I was so lucky to snag a Bookbub for next week, so I’ve been cajoling Amazon into making it free. Believe me, this is not always easy.

So if you’re one of the two people on this planet who doesn’t already have a copy, or if you grabbed your copy from Bookfunnel and you’re anal and want a copy in the library of whatever retailer app you prefer to read in, you can grab it here:

If you’re not on this planet, however, you’re even more welcome to grab a copy. Extra brownie points apply if you access the link through your Personal Communication Device (aka mobile phone) because now I have super-mobile optimised book pages!

Did I tell you that Ambassador 1 is free?

Yes, I’m way too excitable. The Bookbub is on the 23rd. I’ve already given out thousands and thousands of copies through Bookfunnel and one previous Bookbub promotion. But that was three years ago. Want to follow me on Bookbub and be alerted when I have a deal or a new book? You can do that here:

(Bookbub is cool)

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