The Springing of Spring

Here are some photos of the springing of spring, bird activity in the nearby Lane Cove National Park.

Cormorants by the river. Not necessarily a spring picture, but they do seem to be much more active.
Springing of Spring
The bush turkey on his nest. There are many mounds in the park at this time of the year. The male turkey (pictured) changes colour around this time, and the yellow flabby thing (I’m sure it has a proper name) becomes bigger and brighter. He then starts scratching together leaves and twigs into a giant heap, where he entices as many females as possible to lay their eggs. He makes sure that the temperature of the heap stays constant. And then abandons the nest. The young hatch through the heat of rotting leaves, claw their own way out of the pile and can fly the moment they hatch. They look like small chickens.
Springing of spring
A lorikeet checking out a nesting hollow in a large gum tree. Lorikeets mate for life
springing of spring ducklings
There is nothing that says springing of spring more than the first ducklings of the year. The male duck is very protective of them, attacking anyone who comes too close. These ducks often have big numbers of ducklings. I’ve counted broods of twenty.

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