Patty’s Epic Trip To The US. Part 16 (final). Joshua Tree National Park

This is going to be the last post in this series.

We went from Indian Canyon to Joshua Tree. Our hotel was in between those two, on the loooooong and very straight road that link the two and crosses the freeway at the ginormous wind farm (windmills still not doing anything). It was quite warm in Palm Springs. Seriously, I don’t get why people live there. The place must be hell in summer. Joshua Tree, being much higher, was quite cool, jumper-worthy.

The park is named after the funky Joshua Trees that grow everywhere and frankly look ridiculous. The iconic site is Skull Rock. It’s actually really hard to get a good picture of it, because people keep standing in front of it.

But more interestingly, the place is full of squirrels! And chipmunks! We also saw a coyote but didn’t get a picture of it.

We flew our of LA the next day. As I’ve already said elsewhere, I don’t like LA for any reason other than that some friends live there, so we had some coffee at the Griffith Observatory looking down on the disgusting brown soup that passes for air, and then I braved driving over Hollywood Boulevard after which I told Siri to take us to the airport, which she did… through a LOT of back roads and “very interesting” suburbs, because apparently there was some sort of traffic jam on the freeway.

So we made it, over 2500km, four states, without mishaps, accidents, flat tyres or even without once accidentally taking off on the wrong side of the road. Although I did wipe the windscreen when I was meant to indicate a LOT. But then that’s OK, because many Americans never use indicators anyway LOL.

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