Crazy Science Fiction and Fantasy ebook sale on this weekend!


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This weekend, I’m taking part in a crazy promo with 166 authors, where we have lowered prices to 99c. Unlike so many other promotions, this is NOT a purely Amazon-centred event, and you will find a page for each retailer. I’m looking to expand this co-op to become more international. About a third of our visitors are currently not from the US.


  1. Thomas Houseman

    Good to hear you’re expanding it past Amazon. Too often I’ve clicked on the Amazon link in your past sales and been offered their normal price for the book as they’ve only lowered the US store price and not the prices for people in other countries. Now we’ll have more of a change to get 99c pricing.

    I get that it’s tricky sorting international prices, but if >1/3 of sales are based outside the US, don’t you think the authors need to get it right also?

    There’s nothing worse than knowing it’s 99c on Amazon US, but being offered it at anywhere between about $3 and $10. Grrgh!

    • Unfortunately, a lot of authors don’t have that level of control on Amazon. The best option, really,is not to buy at Amazon at all. Get the free Kobo app on your tablet or phone. Kobo, Google Play or iBooks does not manipulate prices based on region.

  2. Thomas Houseman


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