Galactic Empires set: cross-promotion, female SF writers


A year or so ago, someone who organises a lot of very successful book bundles for writers made a bundle of space-based science fiction. I got really pissed off with this bundle, because somehow the organisers managed to find not a single female writer of Science Fiction to be included.

OK, the top 100 of the genre is a sausage-fest, especially in self-publishing, and when you remove the odd man-titty that wriggles its way into the genre, but I know several female writers of science fiction who could have participated.

So, I always thought I’d do a space-based science fiction collection. It would consist of free books, because I don’t want to have to deal with US tax declarations. I’d thought of doing an all-female or all-Australian collection. I could do the first but came up severely short for the second. Anyway, I’ve never been much of an agendas person, so and decided to hell with agendas and just include some varied books from a variety of authors who write space opera.

We released Galactic Empires late last month, with books by Mary Pax, Mark Cooper, Daniel Arenson, Jo Lalllo, Chris Reher, David VanDyke and Felix Savage and it hasn’t dropped out of the top 300 free since. The success of this set has astonished us.

Which is my long-winded way of saying:
– Cross-promotion works
– Readers of SF are really not that fussed about the gender of the author. Now let’s get more female writers actually *writing* it.

You can get this collection for FREE here

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