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Every month I’ve been running a promotion for alternately free or 99c books. Most of them are first in a series. This month, on 2-3 April, we have over 90 authors with free books. The promo runs on a subdivision of this site, but has its own mailing list, where you can enter your email address, and every month I send you the page with all the books and links, so you don’t need to remember when it’s on.

The selection includes mainly self-published authors, including some really high-profile ones. For example, this month we have Lindsay Buroker, J.C. Andrijeski, Christine Pope and Australia’s own C.J. Archer but every month, there have been a couple of presses taking part as well. Do NOT miss “The Aware” by Glenda Larke, originally published by Harper Collins, now through Fablecroft.

Other news:

Listen to me blather about self-publishing and marketing at the Self-publishing Roundtable Podcast

Pre-order Ambassador 5. Want a reviewer ARC? Let me know.

Read about Sand & Storm, coming out 24 June.


  1. I can highly recommend these promotions, I’ve picked up several great bargains and gone on to read the rest in the series…. However, can we have the authors sell them at 99c in Australia too please or at least not their normal Amazon price? Too often I’ve tried getting these only to be subjected to Amazon’s “Australia Tax” which I’m sure you’re well aware of.



    • Amazon annoys the crap out of me with their subsections in pricing. 99c is the very lowest you can price on Amazon, and the site will add tax. There is nothing an author can do about this, unfortunately.

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