New blog!

Well, it’s actually the same one, but I nuked the other site and re-installed a new database over the top. Loads of stuff still to be updated. I think you can even comment now.


  1. Do we need to re-subscribe?

    • I dunno. The old subscription wasn’t working, I don’t think.

      • Well, I have been getting emails!

        I tried to re-subscribe and it wouldn’t let me, so that part of the database is still a-okay.

        • That was part of a plugin that was still there and I re-activated, so it may still work. But I cross-post to Twitter and Facebook anyway.

  2. I just wanted to comment to see if I could. Congratulations on sorting what must have been a major headache. If it helps, my website runs out of bandwidth every month. Every month I increase it and then… yep it runs out again. I haven’t a clue why. It’s not like any bugger ever visits it. It’s driving me buggy.



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