The Pandora Experiment by Jonathan Yanez is 99c

The Pandora Experiment

by Jonathan Yanez

For the first time, get all three books in the best-selling Pandora Experiment series in one collection!

Her city and her life were a flawless system.

But when Jordan is willing to seek the truth, a mystery presents itself on the highest of levels.

Is it too late to turn back to the way things were?

The last cities of mankind have a secret so dark it change everything Jordan once thought she knew.

Now if freedom is to be preserved, a concentrated effort by the strongest minds and forces are required.

Form unlikely alliances or die alone.

If you love the mystery in AG Riddle’s Atlantis Gene, the thrill in Hugh Howey’s Wool series or the adventure in Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, then this one is for you.

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This box set Includes:

Pandora Experiment Book 1 Thrive

Pandora Experiment Book 2 Survive

Pandora Experiment Book 3 Alive

New Release US$0.99

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