New books in Kindle Unlimited

Here are some books that are in Kindle Unlimited by Bussell & Stott, S.Y. Humphrey, Justin Fike, and TJ Muir

Uncanny Ink: Books 1-3

by Bussell & Stott

Promises, rules, bones; Erin Banks will break them all.

Unscrupulous and lethal, Erin has everything she needs to be an assassin in a world full of mobsters, monsters, and magic.

She wasn’t born with powers, but thanks to her Uncanny Ink—arcane tattoos that transform her body into a magic-fuelled killing machine—she’s more than a match for anyone dumb enough to stand between her and getting paid.

Fresh out of prison, Erin wastes no time getting back to what she does best: running down wanted men and claiming their bounties.

But when a powerful demon lurking in a black cathedral hires her to round up an errant soul, the creature offers a reward far more valuable than money…

He offers Erin the key to unlocking her tragic past. The key to the mystery surrounding her long-lost brother.

Special US$0.99

Skin Trials

by S.Y. Humphrey

Seren is one of the most powerful young women on Earth.

Beautiful. Smart. Rich. And soon, hunted.

By the year 2044, America has managed to restore delicate peace after the floods of the 2020’s, the flesh-eating outbreak and conflict that ensued. Now in Perfect Society, the new genetics-based government, life has improved for citizens in all the Tiers. Seren prepares to expand the new government in space.

Until the terrorist group Anthistemi shatters her perfect life. They expose the gruesome lie of Perfect Society, and the truth Seren never knew about herself. The world reaches outrage.

Once again, Old America clashes with New America. Old wounds lead to new bloodshed, pushing citizens to fighting that reaches apocalyptic proportions. There is one scientist who can end the rebellion and destruction.

Now that Seren knows, she must choose – the killer society that protects her, or the killer terrorists that threaten them all.

New Release US$2.99

A Thief in Farshore

by Justin Fike

I’m Charity, and before I saved the world I was just a common thief.

Also a drunk, rabble-rouser, harlot, and blasphemer according to the magistrate who sentenced me to ten years of forced labor in Farshore, the emperor’s new colony across the great sea. You’d think that stepping off of a prison ship on the ass-end of the world was bad enough, but everyone in Byzantia has heard the stories…

The pioneers who first settled this strange new world discovered horrible monsters, wild magic, and mythic creatures in the hills and forests beyond the city walls. Turns out all those nasties we didn’t believe in were waiting on the far side of the world to eat us for lunch.

A smarter girl than me would have kept her head down until she figured out which end was up. But how did I spend my first day in Farshore? Assaulted the governor, offended the gods, and got myself sentenced to fight in the bloody games of the arena before sundown.

I survived Byzantia’s tangled streets by thinking fast, running faster, and never letting anyone get too close. But I soon realized that I was going to have to do the one thing I’d sworn I’d never to again if I wanted to survive long enough to make it home: trust someone.

Special US$0.99

In Luck’s Shadow

by TJ Muir

In fear for their lives, Jedda and Diya both went on the run– in different directions. They promised to find each other, but they both have their hands full.

Diya is on a mission to save her families dynasty and Jedda has his problems with magic he can’t control.

The sacred shells that control magic are unstable and the ancient nature spirits are stirring.

In Luck’s Shadow is the sixth book in the compelling Chanmyr Chronicles epic fantasy series. If you like moral quandaries, then you’ll love TJ Muir’s enthralling tale.

New Release US$0.99

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