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Here are some books that are FREE on Nook by Kristen Gupton, A.L. Tyler, M T McGuire, and Patty Jansen

The Phoenix Prince

by Kristen Gupton

“My boy, you’re a vampire. The time for doubt in the supernatural has long-since passed.”

Prince Keiran Sipesh longs for the freedom to live the life he desires. Peirte Methaius fantasizes about killing him and stealing his birthright. Unfortunately for Keiran, his demon-summoning rival has the power to take what he wants, and Keiran’s struggle against his destiny has failed.

Keiran has spent that last twenty-three years ignoring his vampirism, but he can no longer ignore the throne. His father is dead, and he’s due to take his place. Peirte has other plans. He publicly opposes their coming vampire-king under the guise of sparing Tordania the horrific fate of other vampire-controlled realms. However, his true intentions are far from heroic.

A prophecy tells Keiran he’s the savior their nation needs, but the prophecy is wrong. His blind desire to gain his people’s acceptance will lead him into Peirte’s trap. Keiran knows Peirte is their fragile nation’s true enemy, but before he can save his country, Keiran must overcome death itself.

First in series special US$FREE

Arrival of the Traveler

by A.L. Tyler

Portraits have been removed from the walls, and areas of the house are off limits. Some rooms even seem to have been walled off completely. No one will talk to her.

It’s been a difficult year for Abilene Collins. Since her father’s death, her whirlwind life of adventure and travel has come to an end.

Now, she’s living with her mysterious uncle. He’s a man with secrets, living almost alone in a ridiculously large mansion that he doesn’t own. He doesn’t like questions, and when Lena starts asking about his job, it isn’t hard to tell that he’s keeping some family secrets from her.

The young and ambitious groundskeeper has become her only friend, and one day he tells her that she was stolen from her mother years before. Lena’s family are all telepathic, and that isn’t all…they’re a religious pillar of the Silenti society. Her grandfather has used his standing to gain political power, decimating his rivals along with anyone who gets in his way.

Suddenly thrust into a life of political plots and religious fanatics, Lena finds herself struggling to navigate her own life. Some people aren’t fond of the Darays, and the family has nearly died out through assassination.

Lena is the latest target.

First in series special US$FREE

The Enchanted Crossroads

by Dora Blume

A Vengeful God. An army of evil warlocks. An inexperienced witch, the world’s only hope…

Kaira’s life was going according to plan until the death of her mother revealed a world-shattering secret. She was a witch.

To save the world, Kaira’s going to have to find the sisters she didn’t know existed with powers she doesn’t know how to use.

Leif, the driven coven leader, rescues her from the warlocks trying to kill her. Their spark is instant. He’ll teach her how to be a witch if they don’t let their romance get in the way.

Armed with her new skills, aided by her love interest Leif, Kaira embarks on a quest to find her siblings and save the world!

If you love Charmed, supernatural suspense, and steamy romance, you’ll love this spellbinding adventure!

First in series special US$FREE

Ambassador 1: Seeing Red

by Patty Jansen

24 October 2114: the day that shocked the world.

Young diplomat Cory Wilson narrowly escapes death in the assassination of President Sirkonen. No one claims responsibility but there is no doubt that the attack is extraterrestrial.

Cory was meant to start work as a representative to Gamra, the alien organisation that governs the FTL transport network, but now his new job may well be scrapped in anger.

Worse, as Earth uses military force to stop any extraterrestrials coming or leaving, as 200,000 extraterrestrial humans are trapped on Earth, as the largest army in the galaxy prepares to free them by force, only Cory has the experience, language skills and contacts to solve the crime.

But he’s broke, out of a job and a long way from Earth.

Special US$FREE

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