Free books on Google Play

Here are some books that are free on Google Play by Aaron Hodges, Patty Jansen, Athena Grayson, and Aurora Springer.

The Genome Project

by Aaron Hodges

Runaway teenager Liz wants nothing more than an ordinary life. But when she’s abducted off the streets, Liz learns her government has other plans. In a future ruled by a ruthless dictator, there’s no place for the weak, and she’s spirited away to a facility deep in the Californian mountains. There, Liz wakes in an iron cage – and she’s not alone.

Beside her, eighteen-year-old Chris stands wrongfully accused of treason. The two are now volunteers in the Genome Project – an experimental program to enhance the human race. Stripped of their rights, they will soon learn the true depths of human cruelty. The two must work together to survive, but even then, their chances are slim. Of course, only the lucky get to die.

First in series special US$FREE

Ambassador 1: Seeing Red

by Patty Jansen

24 October 2114: the day that shocked the world.

Young diplomat Cory Wilson narrowly escapes death in the assassination of President Sirkonen. No one claims responsibility but there is no doubt that the attack is extraterrestrial.

Cory was meant to start work as a representative to Gamra, the alien organisation that governs the FTL transport network, but now his new job may well be scrapped in anger.

Worse, as Earth uses military force to stop any extraterrestrials coming or leaving, as 200,000 extraterrestrial humans are trapped on Earth, as the largest army in the galaxy prepares to free them by force, only Cory has the experience, language skills and contacts to solve the crime.

But he’s broke, out of a job and a long way from Earth.

Special US$FREE

The Chase: Huntress of the Star Empire #1

by Athena Grayson

The Union gave Treska Sivekka an identity and purpose she could believe in after surprise alien attacks left her body battered and her mind a blank slate. Vice Hunters like Treska seek out the threats to the Union’s security. Psypaths like Micah Ariesis are her biggest targets. She’s got him in her cross-hairs and soon, he’ll be in her handcuffs.

Psypaths like Micah became scapegoats for inexplicable devastation…and then rebels against the repressive, reactionary Union. Micah has one last chance to strike at the heart of the Union that hunted his kind to near-extinction–the Huntress ready to deliver him to its deepest prison. The secrets locked in Treska’s missing memories can bring down the Union–if he can get out of her handcuffs and into her mind.

First in series special US$FREE


by Aurora Springer

What alien creatures lurk under the icy surface of Europa?

Dr. Nikki Bell’s plan to discover intelligent life on Jupiter’s moon hits a rocky start when her spaceship crashes on the icy surface of Europa. Seconds before she blacks out, she spies a man’s face in the water beneath the ice. Her unexpected sighting of the alien, Kiron Arqin Ramis, triggers a chain of disasters in Europa’s perilous oceans. Can the daredevil scientist and abused Watcher forge a new alliance despite their people’s antagonism?

First in series special US$FREE

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