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About we want and how to submit

On the form, you will see a number of dates. These are the days that the newsletter goes out (note: AUSTRALIAN time, so likely the day before where you are) to 26,000 subscribers. These are folk from around the world, who read on a variety of platforms.

There are also targeted mailings at other dates, to be determined when suitable entries come in. These go to segments of the list.

I’m looking for:

– 99c books (any 99c books, either perma-99c or on special)
– new releases
– free books if they’re first in series
– books on all retailers, including KU books
– Audio books

I can’t use Countdown Deals, at all, like, EVER, because the audience for this list is international, with many people outside the US/UK axis, and they don’t like it if they can’t get the advertised deals.

Here is an example newsletter

Who receives this newsletter? People who have subscribed on the site, people who have opted into Prolific Works (Instafreebie), Bookfunnel or Story Origin promos for my multi-author box sets, people who have signed up via my Facebook ads, people who have taken part in targeted listbuilder events.

Approximately one third of subscribers does NOT live in the US. One third of subscribers reads on platforms other than Amazon.

Filling out the form does not guarantee inclusion unless I’ve invited you to submit.

It works best for a promo you have already booked and planned.


– NO COUNTDOWN DEALS! These apply only to the US and UK. We’re an international bunch.
– This newsletter caters primarily to readers of SF/F/H. Manchest and harem-anything are not my audience. Neither is overly religious fiction.
– No preorders, unless invited. You can of course enter a book when it’s on preorder, but it will only be featured once the book is live.
– I can’t “reserve spots”. The data from the form goes into a spreadsheet from which I automatically generate the page. If your book data is not complete, I can’t do anything with it.
– NO shortlinks, cloaked links, or other link shorteners (not even the Amazon ones!)
– Your covers must look professional, books must be well-edited and formatted. This is the most important benchmark for inclusion.

Ready to go?

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Want to be notified when opportunities come up? When I need certain types of books, or when another promotional opportunity comes up?

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