Ebookaroo 5 September 2020

Here are some specials and new releases by Kyra Halland, W.R. Gingell, Multiple Authors, Anne Wheeler, Arlo Quinn, H.S. Stone, K.A. Wiggins, Juno Heart, Matthew G. Dick and Shelley Russell Nolan.

Love and Magic

by Kyra Halland

Three novels of fantasy, adventure, and romance, now together in one boxed set:

Urdaisunia: In Urdaisunia, a land torn by war and drought and abandoned by the gods, a widowed rebel and a prince walk intertwining paths of danger, love, and war to save the land they both love.

Chosen of Azara: In a quest that spans centuries, Sevry, the last king of the land of Savaru, searches for the woman who holds the secret to bringing his destroyed homeland back to life.

Sarya’s Song: In a world where music is magic, disgraced musician Sarya dyr-Rusac hears strange and powerful new music on the wind. Torn between the man who loves her, whom she can never have, and a beautiful man in chains who appears in her dreams, begging her to sing him free, she must discover the meaning of the mysterious music she heard before the world itself is torn apart.

(Contains adult themes, disturbing themes, violence, language, and mild to moderate sensual content)

Special US$0.99

A Time Traveller’s Best Friend

by W.R. Gingell

Meet Marx. Meet Kez.

Marx is a small, angry man with a time machine and a chip on his shoulder. Kez is a homicidal little girl with a price on her head and a penchant for kicking people where it hurts the most.

After a narrow escape from the owners of the stolen craft he pilots, the last thing Marx wants is another gun pointed at him. What he wants and what he gets, however, are two very different things.

On the run from killers, shadowy corporations, and one very specific Someone, the last thing Kez wants when she points a gun at yet another apparent killer is a self-appointed protector.

What she wants and what she needs, however, are two very different things…

First in series special US$0.99

Savage Stars: 7 Novels of Space Opera, Aliens, AI, and Post Apocalyptic Adventure

by Multiple Authors

The universe can be savage, but these heroes won’t go down without a fight.

Seven full-length novels by bestselling authors that explore the far reaches of the universe, the limits of the human mind, and the divide between man and machine. Aliens, AI, and post-apocalyptic adventure–you’ll find them all among the Savage Stars.

Download this collection of series starters today!

Special US$0.99

Treason’s Crown

by Anne Wheeler

A king in need of a bride.

A rebel leader in his dungeon.

A farmer’s daughter with a choice.

This isn’t a fairy tale.

​The last thing Riette expects on a snowy winter’s evening is Meirdre’s royal guard appearing on her doorstep. Their purpose? The king needs a bride, and tradition dictates the position is hers to accept. Desperate to secure her parents’ future, she agrees to the marriage and is whisked away to Lochfeld Castle, all too aware her childhood friend is there as well—imprisoned as a rebel in the dungeons below.

Leaving him to hang isn’t an option, even as her nuptials and his execution grow closer. No matter what secrets the castle holds—mysteries she alone can see—or how desperate King Laurent is to marry an unknown peasant girl, the glittering crown in her future is nothing more than a distraction from her new mission: she’ll free Thomas or die trying.

But what happens when succeeding at either means the downfall of Meirdre?

Special US$0.99

Extinction Protocol

by Arlo Quinn

“My daughter was taken during a UFO encounter.”

“The government fired me for asking too many questions.”

“I’m being followed by a mysterious stranger.”

“Oh, and the world is about to be hit by a global pandemic.”

Hunter’s week just goes from bad to worse as he is confronted by a mysterious entity and told humanity is in grave danger, unless he and reservation ranger Johona, act quickly and figure out a way to solve the situation.

Enjoy some reading time with this near-future science fiction techno-thriller novel by Arlo Quinn.

To find out more about the author and his upcoming work, go to www.arloquinn.com ★★★★★

Special US$0.99

Beyond New Eden

by H.S. Stone

Eve 142 has lived her entire life in the domed city of New Eden, home to the only surviving humans after the War. Like all of the inhabitants of New Eden, Eve 142 is a clone. Together with the other clones, dubbed the Adams and the Eves, she leads a safe, predictable existence. However, Eve’s life changes when she causes a tragic accident to befall one of the Adams. As retribution, she and her counterpart, Adam 142, are banished from New Eden.

At first, Eve 142 considers their punishment a death sentence because she grew up believing the world outside the dome was uninhabitable. She is wrong. Forced to live in the Wastelands, Eve and Adam discover many new truths about the outside world and, more importantly, the truths about themselves.

Special US$0.99

Black the Tides

by K.A. Wiggins

Something deadly lurks below the surface . . .

The dead haunt my dreams. Though I’m still recovering from battling the Mara, I can’t deny their summons—nor do I want to.

I’ve proved to myself and everyone else that I can fight the monsters and win. Now I can’t wait to destroy them once and for all.

But in my hurry to take revenge against our oppressors and cement my hard-won position as hero of the city, I must have dived back in too soon . . . because the magic I’ve only just learned to wield fails to show up for the fight.

Ash claims the dreamwalkers of Nine Peaks will be able to help me. Too bad the homeland I no longer remember can only be reached by a journey of days, maybe even weeks, across mountains and monster-infested wilderness. Not that I have much choice. If I can’t restore my connection to the dreamscape before it’s too late, my newfound friends won’t be the only ones to pay the price. Everyone in my city will be devoured by the Mara.

But more than just monsters stand in my way—and taking back the power to stop them just might cost me everything.

What happens when you reach for the hero within—and find out she isn’t you?

Buy the anticipated sequel to Blind the Eyes for riveting YA dark fantasy with a devastating cliffhanger twist.

New Release US$2.99

Prince of Never

by Juno Heart

A fae prince with a poisoned heart. A mortal girl with a magical voice. Neither one believes in fairy tales.

City waitress Lara has the voice of an angel and no idea she’s marked as the fated mate of a silver-eyed royal from another realm. When she falls into Faery and meets an obnoxious huntsman who mistakes her for a troll, she’s amazed to discover he’s the cursed Prince of Air in disguise. Ever’s mother, the queen, is less than impressed. The opposing court of techno-loving Unseelie wants her as their very own pet. And an evil air mage wishes her dead.

Held captive by Elemental fae in the Land of Five, she’s certainly hit rock bottom.

But songs wield power, and Lara happens to be a true diva. Now if only she can use her newfound magical skill to make the Prince of Never a little less attractive. The first thing she wants is to find a way back home, and the last is to fall in love.

Ever and Lara think they know what they want, but destiny and an age-old curse have other ideas.

First in series special US$0.99

SEED: A Hard Science Fiction Novel about Survival, Colonization, and Leadership Growth

by Matthew G. Dick

What kind of person does it take to build a civilization from the ground up? In this fun, hard science fiction novel, astronaut Nick Burke will have to learn how to be a leader if he wants humanity to survive on a new planet…even if he is no longer a human himself.

Nick Burke dreams of successfully creating the first sustainable space colony in human history. After a third failed mission on Mars, Nick returns to Earth heartbroken. But during the trip home he has an epiphany caused by a near-death experience on how to truly accomplish his dream. Nick launches a billionaire funded startup company that solves the interstellar travel problem. Transporting people in a spaceship without any people aboard. After Nick lands on his new, distant planet, he has to combat his greatest trials yet including raising children and goats while becoming a colony building survivalist. Fans of Andy Weir’s The Martian and Dennis E. Taylor’s We Are Legion (We Are Bob) will find familiar themes of innovative science fiction ideas with plenty of humor and pop-culture.

New Release US$0.99

Spell Shock (Merry Magic Book 2)

by Shelley Russell Nolan

Magic always comes with a price

Merry has the first charm she needs to remake the transportation spell to take her home, and four more to get. With the mage guild still after her, she knows reaching the rest of the elemental focal points will not be easy. Not even she expected to be drawn into a plot to destroy the guild.

On the way to the Earth focal point, Merry and her allies are caught up in a Tiranian lord’s plan to wrest power from the mages. Her growing ability with Wind magic will not be enough to save them. Faced with a life of servitude, her magic bound to another’s will, she will have to decide what she is fighting for. Her freedom or the fate of those already enslaved?

As an enemy becomes an ally, and with time running out to stop the witch hunters gaining access to Tirana, Merry must master the elemental Earth to have any hope of escape. But magic has a cost, one Merry will find hard to bear.

Continue the magical portal fantasy adventure with Merry and her friends now!

New Release US$1.99

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