Ebookaroo 5 October 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by Christina Ochs, Michael Muntisov and Greg Finlayson, M T McGuire, Frances Pauli, christina Westcott, M.C.DRAKE, Ashley Capes, Brandon Charles West, Milo James Fowler and C.T. Phipps.

Shield of Kings

by Christina Ochs

Ebookaroo Christina Ochs

At eighteen, Devyn is already a general.

He knows he’s up to the job …

… even if no one else thinks so.

But maybe the job is too much to handle. He has to whip a bunch of spoiled, undisciplined brats into a deadly cavalry and lead them to victory. All while having serious doubts about his cause, AND trying to convince the woman he loves to take a chance on him.

Devyn isn’t sure he can handle it all, but giving up is not an option.

… or is it?

Carina retired from the army to start a family.

Now she finds herself leading a rebellion.

Even worse, she’s on a collision course with Devyn. When the first battle goes more horribly than she ever imagined, can she stay in the fight? Or will she turn her back on the war to salvage what’s left of her life?

Civil war consumes a kingdom, ensnaring rich and poor alike. The fight rages at city walls, across vast battlefields, and in the hearts of every citizen and soldier.

Another fast-paced historical fantasy from the author of the Desolate Empire Series.


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Court of the Grandchildren

by Michael Muntisov and Greg Finlayson

Ebookaroo Michael Muntisov and Greg Finlayson

A man from today and a woman from tomorrow. How will she judge him?

Lily Miyashiro lives much as any twenty-nine-year-old in 2050’s America. Her job is busy, resettling climate refugees from the coastal cities. Then she gets a call. She has family she never knew about. And they want something from her she doesn’t want to give.

Lily is one of the young, reliant on artificial intelligence and facing an uncertain future.

David Moreland was a bigwig during the world’s golden age. He is old and almost forgotten…until he is drawn into the realm of the Climate Court. Now a whole generation seeks to condemn him.

When Lily meets David, she is forced to confront events from her past that she would prefer to forget. Feeling trapped, she hires a young lawyer. Is it to defend David, or to deny the past?

In a world that seems comfortably like the present, hints of sinister differences begin to emerge, and the stakes are raised beyond David’s fate.


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Too Good To Be True

by M T McGuire

Ebookaroo M T McGuire

What do you do when trouble comes knocking and everyone else is out?

When The Pan of Hamgee encounters some mudlarkers trying to land a box on the banks of the River Dang he is happy to help. Having accepted a share of the contents as a reward he cannot believe his luck. It contains one of the most expensive delicacies available in K’Barth, Goojan spiced sausage. If he can sell it, the sausage might spell the end of his troubles. On the other hand, knowing his luck, it could bring a whole load more. his could be the only book in comedic literature with 10mph canal boat chase.

Written in British English with a dash of light swearing. Suitable for readers of any age from 10 up – younger readers who have read all the Harry Potter books without any worries will be fine with this book and the other stories in the Hamgeean Misfit series.

Suggested cinema rating, PG.


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by Frances Pauli

Ebookaroo Frances Pauli

When Vashia arrives on Shroud as an indentured bride, Dolfan recognizes immediately that they are meant to be together. Broken, lost, and on the run, she trusts no one, but Dolfan has enough faith for the both of them… Until his people’s sacred ritual gives Vashia to someone else. Until Dolfan’s faith, and his heart are tested.

Vashia’s arrival ignites a storm on Shroud, and the full-scale invasion that chases after her threatens to destroy Dolfan’s home, his culture, and his planet. If he can’t challenge his own beliefs enough to admit the ritual was wrong, the only woman he wants will likely be the end of everything he’s ever known.


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A Hero for the Empire

by christina Westcott

Ebookaroo christina Westcott

*A beautiful cybernetic SpecOps agent, an immortal mercenary, and a telepathic cat.*

Commander Kimber FitzWarren is running on borrowed time. The cybernetic augmentations that give her superhuman strength and speed have also shortened her life. The success of her next mission is imperative, not only to save her Empire, but because this operation could be her last.

She joins a group of idealistic officers plotting to topple the corrupt Imperial government, but the only key to placing missing military legend Arianne Ransahov on the throne lies with the one man who knows how to locate her, mercenary Wolf Youngblood.

Wolf has recently survived one Imperial assassination attempt, so when Fitz shows up in his bedroom at 0-dark-30, he’s reluctant to trust her, until another assassin tries to kill them both.

Pursued by Imperial warships, swarmed by mind-sucking parasites, and attacked by giant alien bugs, they’re left with no one to depend on but each other…and Wolf’s wise-cracking telepathic cat, Jumper. A bond grows between the pair, one so strong even their secrets can’t destroy it, but before Fitz and Wolf can explore what’s left of their future together, they first have to survive this mission.


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Ebookaroo M.C.DRAKE

Fast paced action coupled with heart stopping mystery; PROJECT THERMOCEPTION brings the worrying limit of human understanding into terrifying reality.

Nicola Phillips is the long suffering presenter of the hit US television series ‘Cryptid Killers’. The Cryptid Killers have travelled the world debunking many myths and mysteries; from the prehistoric frozen depths of Lock Ness to the primeval woods of Oklahoma. No Cryptid was safe.

Nicola was grappling with thoughts of retiring the show when she is offered a way out. All she has to do is film one more episode.

The team travels in the hope of filming the infamous El Chupacabra. The story of The Goatsucker turns into a deadly web of lies and incompetence.

Is the unimaginable true, does El Chupacabra live? Are the local authorities covering up a covert project? These are the questions the Cryptid Killers have to answer before the sinister shadow concealed in the background strikes.


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The Fairy Wren

by Ashley Capes

Ebookaroo Ashley Capes

From the moment a fairy wren drops his lost wedding ring at his feet, Paul realises there’s more magic to the world than he thought…

When Paul Fischer receives a strange phone call asking for help, from a woman who might be his estranged wife Rachel, he’s drawn into a mysterious search that threatens not only his struggling bookstore, but long-buried dreams too.

Unfortunately, the only help comes from a shady best friend, an Italian runaway and a strange blue fairy wren that seems to be trying to tell him something – yet the further he follows the clues it leaves the less sense the world seems to make. Is he on the verge of a magical, beautiful discovery or at the point of total disaster?


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The Scarlet Hopewell Box Set

by Brandon Charles West

Ebookaroo Brandon Charles West

“”A wild ride through a magical kingdom and a post-apocalyptic earth.” —Amazon reviewer

Scarlet Hopewell keeps dreaming about a world where winged creatures sculpt with light, dogs talk, and Scarlet is the guest of honor in an enchanted castle under the roots of a mighty oak tree. One day her father brings home a stray pup with eerie blue eyes. Dakota is loving and smart—maybe too smart. News shows start to take an interest. Ominous storms have everyone on edge. Scarlet’s dream world keeps getting darker and more vivid.

When three beautiful, silver-voiced men blow the front door off its hinges on Christmas Eve, Dakota leads the Hopewells in their escape through the winter woods—right into the world of Scarlet’s dreams.

With two worlds, sundry rowdy dwarves, two remarkable dogs, a sinister prince, a dark army, a pair of swashbuckling pirates, and just one ordinary girl to save them all, the five-book Scarlet Hopewell series is a classic fantasy in the tradition of Narnia and The Hobbit.


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Soul Smuggler

by Milo James Fowler

Ebookaroo Milo James Fowler

Who is Mercer? Coyote. Soul Smuggler. A body-hopping, phantasmal anti-hero. A disenfranchised spirit doomed to inherit the earth, cursed by both Heaven and Hell. An enemy of God, but no friend of the devil.


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Brightblade (The Morgan Detective Agency Book 1)

by C.T. Phipps

Ebookaroo C.T. Phipps

Psychic. Superhero. Spy. Detective. Bounty Hunter. Ashley Morgan has been many things and failed at all of them. The twenty-eight-year old has her whole life ahead of her but has already resigned herself to working a dead end job bringing in the debt-ridden supernatural criminals of New Detroit. A chance encounter with the vampire sheriff reveals a secret that motivates her to change her life forever: her long-missing brother Arthur is alive (in a manner of speaking).

Ashley sets out on a quest to not only find him but also deal with old lovers, treacherous criminals, a magic sword, and a quest to raise an ancient vampire from the dead.

Brightblade is set in the same world as the Red Room series, The Bright Falls Mysteries, and Straight Outta Fangton.


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