Ebookaroo 5 October 2020

Here are some specials and new releases by D. Bussell & M.V. Stott, Aurora Springer, John Turiano, Steph Bennion, A.R. Kingston, P.A. Mason, Bokerah Brumley , Susan Faw, Nicole Ciacchella and Joshua James.

Uncanny Kingdom: An Eleven-Book Urban Fantasy Collection

by D. Bussell & M.V. Stott

The UK is under siege by supernatural forces, and it’s up to three unlikely heroes to save the realm from annihilation…

A witch’s familiar; the last surviving member of a slaughtered coven…

A ghost detective atoning for his mortal sins…

And a bumbling warlock who chases fearsome monsters, but can’t remember why.

Can these improbable champions repel the creatures that lurk in the shadows and protect the UK from calamity, or will the sceptred isle sink beneath a tide of demons and fiends?

Mystery, horror, and the paranormal collide in this gripping urban fantasy set.

Special US$2.99

Super Starrella

by Aurora Springer

Teen superhero, Starrella, and her flying horse combat vicious killers in the skies of Atalanta.

The quiet summer before her freshman year turns frighteningly weird after Estelle Wright trespasses onto an Army base. Blown into the air and knocked unconscious, she wakes with a nascent superpower. Not to mention a winged horse with a snarky attitude and a mind of her own.

Back home in Atalanta, a serial killer is targeting the students at Goldman University. Before long she must juggle college classes with sneaking out of the house after dark to battle alien monsters. Estelle’s life is in danger, but who can she trust: handsome Mark Copper from military intelligence, or hunky Toby, the tough gangster with a motorbike? Both men have secret agendas, but where does she fit in their schemes.

Young adult superheroes, quirky animal sidekicks, and a dash of romance enliven this thrilling adventure. Book 1 of the Secret Supers.

First in series special US$0.99


by John Turiano

Assigned to a new project secretly working on time travel, Sam journeys to the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago in 1942. While there, he investigates the murder of a leading scientist. A murder which appeared to him in a dream. He is eventually faced with a dilemma: should he risk his life to prevent the murder, or leave history unchanged.

First in series special US$2.99

The Avalon Job

by Steph Bennion

Ravana O’Brien is confronted by her past in more ways than one. Secret agent Kedesh is back on the scene, seeking help for a mission to Alpha Centauri. Artorius, the young boy taken by Que Qiao agents after fleeing the Dhusarian Church, has been traced to a shadowy American base on the moon of Avalon. A second alien portal has been found, a mysterious ancient machine that can twist space and time.

Avalon is no ordinary world. The moon hosts epic holovid events, not least the vicious celebrity show Gods of Avalon, a game based on the legends of King Arthur where players fight to survive against cyberclone beasts. Infiltrating the secret base means getting past the game arenas, but Ravana cannot trust the slippery Kedesh and has enemies old and new out to see her fail. The rejuvenated Priest Taranis, now with the might of the new Terran Federation of Worlds at his disposal, is pulling the strings. He has a new chosen one, a man called The Raven who seeks Ravana’s doom. A rumour of hidden gold is sowing confusion. Artorius is the key to those who want the alien portal open. Watchers are playing the ultimate game.

New Release US$2.99

Dark World: Oblivion

by A.R. Kingston

You can run, but you can never escape from who you are.

Alex thought moving to East Ashland was going to give them a clean start, be a palace where they can be accepted for who they are, but she was wrong. Upon moving back to his sleepy hometown of Fall Harbor, Jay’s past catches up to him, and he becomes the gossip of the entire town. At the same time, unexplainable headaches begin to plague Alex and she exhibits powers far beyond those of a pure-blood mage in their world. And, if things were not bad enough, an extremist group lurks in the dim alleyways at night, waiting for their chance to strike. With everything accumulating into a perfect storm, can Jay and Alex survive, or will there be no place left for them to run?

Find out in this dark and captivating romantic fantasy.

New Release US$0.99

Gretchen’s (Mis)Adventures Boxed Set 1-3

by P.A. Mason

The first three instalments in this hilarious high fantasy witch series all wrapped up in a neat bundle.

The Damsel Gauntlet

Gretchen is down on her luck, until she gets a commission from the King himself. A damsel is in distress. A prince is on his way. All is not as it seems. To skid to the finish line, he must face a wraith, goblins and a mighty dragon. But to get the gold, Gretchen must ensure he looks the part. Fairy tales are written by the victorious, after all.

Of Hair and No Hair

Gretchen will do anything to win the pumpkin growing competition at the county fair, but things get hairy when Rapunzel turns up at the eleventh hour. Two potions. One mixup. A calamity of tall proportions. But that won’t stop Gretchen from getting to that fair, even if she has to drag Rapunzel with her.

A Royal Froggy Problem

It started with toads, but a much froggier prince problem was on its way. Gretchen is swept into a diplomatic debacle when her best pal is falsely accused of hexing the Prince of Sharen. With a name as notorious as Nora’s, it’s no wonder the finger is pointed straight at her.

If you like fairy tale retellings with a good dose of humor, wit, and sometimes crazy witchy fun you’ll enjoy this boxed set.

New Release US$0.99


by Bokerah Brumley

Revenge, reckoning, and redemption: HELLCATS, THE ANTHOLOGY has it all.

Presenting sixty nine stories of feline adventure that will make you chortle, chuckle, gasp, and guffaw.

We have: Pirates, cowboys, and spacewalkers.

Soul suckers, seers, and swashbuckling heroes.

With guest appearances by Mr. Darcy, The Madwoman in the Attic, and Hunter S. Thompson as a cat.

In the far reaches of outer space, cats crawl and pounce, shift and slaughter.

While back on Earth, the wicked are punished, the weak avenged, and the good guy wins against all odds.

We have paranormal fantasy, sci-fi, swords and sorcerers, cozy mysteries, romance, literary fiction, and much, much more.

All proceeds from this anthology will go to support a 79 year-old grandmother Erada who has been hounded through the courts and is in danger of losing her home.

The HELLCATS are a group of writers who banded together to try to prevent that from happening.

Help the HELLCATS help Erada keep her home.


New Release US$3.99

Heart of the Citadel Box Set

by Susan Faw

Magic quelled. A throne seized. A realm held captive…Until the crystal bearers return.

From award winning author Susan Faw, creator of The Spirit Shield Saga, comes this dragon epic fantasy series, perfect for fans of dragons, magic, and rebellion, perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Eragon, or Ember in the Ashes.

New Release US$0.99

The Eye of the Beholder

by Nicole Ciacchella


Once an all-powerful prince, my only hope of escaping my monstrous form is to earn the love of another. But I have come to accept the truth: I will never know love. There is no escape for me.


I sacrificed my freedom for my papa, determined to protect the one person I love. Now I am trapped in a decaying castle with a terrifying beast. But I will prove to him that he can never truly ensnare me.

First in series special US$0.99

Outcast Starship Box Set: Books 1-4

by Joshua James

Misfits. Losers. Outcasts. And Earth’s only hope.

Two decades after he was banished from his homeworld for a disaster that still haunts him, Eli Bryce and his crew of unrepentant troublemakers struggle to survive on the edges of the galaxy.

But when they rescue a near-dead castaway with an impossible secret, everything changes.

Soon, the greatest conspiracy in the galaxy is unfolding around them and they have no choice but to fight.

But what can one ship full of outcasts do to save Earth and the rest of the galaxy from annihilation?

More than anyone could imagine.

New Release US$0.99

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