Ebookaroo 5 May 2021

Here are some specials and new releases by C. Gockel, AM Scott, Rob Cornell, Vered Ehsani, Allan N. Packer, Eric Kay, Multiple Authors, Aaron Hodges, S. Usher Evans and John Triptych.

Supernova. Archangel Project. Book Nine

by C. Gockel

The final chapter in the Archangel Project Series.

Beyond the borders of known space a Dark Fleet is gathering…

Volka, 6T9, Carl Sagan, and their band of sentient faster-than-light ships are charged with finding the Dark’s forces. But the enemy is closer than any realize, and the Dark’s next strike will be sooner than they think.

When the attack comes our heroes will be forced to evolve once more. Volka has become a true telepath. To fight the Dark, she must become a true leader as well. 6T9 is capable of destruction with a machine’s lack of remorse. He must learn when to stay his hand…not just to save humanity, but to keep the woman he loves.

They must succeed, because the Dark has been evolving too. Carefully. Methodically. And it will stop at nothing short of the extinction of the human race.

New Release US$3.99

Quinn of Cygnus: Lift Off

by AM Scott

Something is wrong at Adzari Net Academy. Really wrong.

It all seemed so right—Quinn’s big chance! She’d leave the mud, giant lizards and back-breaking labor behind forever and gain so much more: skills, connections, a job, a real life.

Then Quinn arrives to find the academy under new ownership and everything’s changed. Mean girls, strict schedules and tough teachers aren’t a problem. Quinn’s got the brains, discipline and training to beat them at their own game.

But the new owners raised the stakes and the house always wins. Quinn’s big adventure has become a fight for survival. Light years from home, with no power or backup, how can she endure?

Some might give up and fail. But not Quinn. She’s determined to not just survive, but escape and do a little damage on her way out.

They’ll never know what hit them.

First in series special US$0.99

Unturned: The Complete Series

by Rob Cornell

Five books full of magic, vampires, love, loss, vengeance, and redemption—all under a single cover!

Sorcerer Sebastian Light has long used his powerful magic to corner the market on demon hunting in Detroit. With control over the elements, he can burn through bounties almost as fast as the Ministry can issue them—much to the chagrin of the Motor City’s other hunters. But after a group of vampires taints him with their blood in an effort to turn him, collecting bounties is the least of his worries.

News of Sebastian’s vampire infection spreads through the city like Hellfire. Now he has a contract on his own head, and his rivals see an opportunity to take out their biggest competition. He can expend magical energy to keep the infection from blazing through him, but fending off constant attacks at the same time requires more power than even he can muster. Weakening daily and hunted wherever he goes, Sebastian scrambles to find a cure—before this fight for his life leaves him undead.

But this struggle is only the beginning…

Unturned: The Complete Series includes all five books chronicling the adventures of Detroit’s most unique magic wielder, Sebastian Light.

Special US$0.99

Society for Paranormals: The Complete Series

by Vered Ehsani

It’s Jane Austen meets Lara Croft in this delightful cozy mystery romp through Victorian Africa.

Armed with Victorian etiquette, a fully loaded walking stick, and a dead husband, Miss Beatrice Knight arrives in the small colonial town of Nairobi desperate for a pot of tea and a pinch of cinnamon.

This collection brings together for the first time, all 10 books in the Society for Paranormals cozy mystery series, in which a paranormal detective refuses to let danger, death, and unsolicited suitors inconvenience her in colonial Kenya. Welcome to a cozy mystery series concerning Victorian etiquette, African mythology, and the search for a perfect spot of tea.

Special US$0.99

The Stone of Knowing Complete Set

by Allan N. Packer

The epic fantasy saga of The Stone Cycle begins…

A talisman that unmasks thoughts, desires, deepest secrets. The fate of kingdoms depends on mastering its power and protecting it…

The untroubled world of young Thomas Stablehand is changed forever when he stumbles upon an unusual stone. With the thoughts and intents of others laid bare to him, he eagerly indulges his curiosity. But seeing into other minds isn’t like Thomas expected. And troubles are only beginning.

Invaders attack the kingdom of Arvenon, and Thomas has nowhere to turn except to his friend Will Prentis, a gifted and ambitious leader who has risen rapidly in the ranks of the king’s army.

Will is fearless, and where he leads men follow. With the kingdom on the brink, Will leads a small band on a perilous quest to thwart the invaders. Fearing his secret will be exposed, and hoping to help prevent catastrophe, Thomas flees with them.

But dangerous enemies seek the stone for their own ends. As Will faces a relentless opponent whose true purpose remains hidden, Thomas must decide what price he’s willing to pay to protect the stone and preserve the kingdom.

The odds are hopeless. And for three kingdoms, the stakes are higher than anyone knows.

The Stone of Knowing Complete Set is a complete story that begins the ongoing saga of The Stone Cycle. It includes the novels The Stone of Knowing and The Cost of Knowing as well as the novelette The Seer: A Prequel to The Stone of Knowing. If you enjoy epic fantasy with gripping action, relatable characters, and clean romance in a sweeping coming of age saga, then try The Stone of Knowing Complete Set now!

New Release US$0.99

No Lack of Sunshine

by Eric Kay

Warm, tropical weather, strong gusts of wind, poisonous air, and metallic-tasting seas that kill more organisms than it breeds — yet, life on the South Island goes about as well as it can.

There was a reason why Earth colonized this place. Everything is familiar, consistent — consistency is a welcome reprieve, and Ava’s planet has plenty of it.

The fifth to be born among the stars, Ava sets forth to make a name for herself despite this obscure claim to fame. Being raised by emotionless, loveless robots doesn’t exactly merit a natural flair for spontaneity or empathy, but Ava makes do. At the very least, she tries to.

Her life is here on South Island, where the sea represents freedom and the air symbolizes a dangerous kind of thrill. But now, her existence is under threat.

The autonomous supply ship fails to deliver. With only a few weeks’ worth of oxygen left, Ava and her beau must embark on a journey to retrieve more. However, what once was a straightforward quest slowly morphs into one rife with ambush.

Something has affected the robots’ advanced processors, causing them to spiral into a fruitless quest for an artifact that may not even exist.

And the more they wait, the more Ava’s in peril.

New Release US$2.99

Star Rebels : Stories of Space Exploration, Alien Races, and Adventure

by Multiple Authors

There are rebels among the stars…

Meet eleven protagonists battling to save themselves and the ones they love. Human, cyborg, clone, or alien, they’ll find themselves pitted against intergalactic crime bosses, interstellar mercenaries, a quantum-wave-riding collective mind, and the universe itself. Along the way, there’s plenty of action, adventure, humor, and even some romance.

Written by the freshest voices in science fiction, these stories are short, but they’ll light your imagination like a solar flare. Strap yourself in and join the rebellion! Download this collection today!

Special US$0.99


by Aaron Hodges

On the wild planet of Talamh, humanity thrived…

…until the Alfur conquered their world.

Now, defeated and broken, humanity serves their alien overlords.

And looks to the stars for a hero.

Rydian Holt is nothing, nobody—just another human from the slums of Talamh. But when his mother is caught up in the slaughter of a fledgeling resistance group, Rydian’s entire family is thrown into infamy. His fellow humans brand him traitor, while the Alfur hail his mother a hero. Desperate to clear his name, Rydian must delve into his mother’s past, and the secrets she sought to uncover. Secrets about the Alfur, about their alien technology—and the mysterious Light that powers their world.

New Release US$3.99


by S. Usher Evans

“An impressive start to a promising urban fantasy series” – RT Reviews

Demon hunter Jack Grenard’s life changed three years ago when his wife was brutally murdered by the very demons he’d been hunting. At the urging of his partner Cam Macarro, he’s starting a new life in Atlanta, hoping he’ll find the man he used to be. But on a routine hunt, they come across a new type of demon-one that saves instead of kills.

Meanwhile, demons across Atlanta are preparing for the quadrennial uprising of their Underworld brethren. Worse yet, there’s a rumor the so-called king of the demons, Bael, will appear for the first time in over a century. Jack and Cam must uncover the truth about the mystery woman before all hell-literally-breaks loose.

First in series special US$0.99


by John Triptych

Years have passed since Earth encountered its first known interstellar object: Oumuamua. Now a second, even larger one has just been discovered, and it’s also following the exact same trajectory as its predecessor.

With the world abuzz at the potential implications of this new find, maverick billionaire Toby Merckx begins an ambitious project to build a spacecraft and attempt a manned landing before the object departs the Solar System. The crew includes disgraced NASA astronaut Cassie Voges and Charles Hudson, its controversial discoverer.

Their journey will bring them face to face with the unknown, and change humanity forever.

New Release US$0.99

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